6 ways to handle customer feedbacks

In a highly competitive business marketplace, developing and maintaining brand loyalty is crucial element. Having great customer support is one way of making sure that your customer’s brand loyalty never wavers. Thus, maintaining the quality of your customer support becomes important as well. This is where properly managing the feedback you receive from your customers becomes paramount.

With this article we will look at how to deal with customer feedback and how to utilize some critical methods that are used to process customer feedback which will result in the improvement of your customer support service.  


  1. Discuss received feedback with your customer support agents

Sharing the customer feedback with your support agents is very important because they are the people who are interacting directly with the customers, so it becomes imperative that they know what the customers are saying. The plus point of this is that there will be some support agents who will take it upon themselves to improve their performance, without needing a senior agent to step in and provide additional training. This will enable them to make judgments on their own, as to how to improve their interactions with the customers.


  1. Keep your surveys and questionnaires as simple as possible

The best way to receive authentic feedback is usually by conducting a survey right after resolving a customer question or query. These surveys should not be difficult or complex. You need to these surveys as simples as possible otherwise you run the risk of customers ignoring them. Just have around 3 to 4 questions with the answers being in the on the (1 to 5) rating based system and you should be fine.


  1. Apologize immediately to negative feedback

If a customer gives negative feedback it is imperative that you should send an apology to him/her immediately. That is the best way to re-affirm the customer’s trust in the company and its support system. The best way to do this would be to call the customer following the negative feedback and assure them that you have acknowledged the mistake that that you will correct it from your side. I must acknowledge that giving verbal promises are not enough and the issues must be fixed asap.


  1. Modify your process using data collected over a period of time

If you discover that a certain aspect of your product or service is negative over a certain period of time, you can use that collected data to fix that weak aspect in your process. This will most probably result in the reduction of negative feedback, but do make sure that you don’t make grand scale changes based on just a few negative feedbacks.


  1. Classify feedbacks to help in processing them

You can reduce time taken to handle feedback by categorizing feedback into multiple sections based on the customer’s reply. This will also ensure that every feedback will be processed by the correct person. This will lead to better feedback handling in the future.


  1. Acknowledging feedback through an email will go a long way

It’s not only you but customers too love feedback. Getting a response from the company after sending feedback will show them that the company appreciates their actions. An email with a simple thank you would be enough, and if the company can afford it you can even send a small gift. This will make them be happy to participate in more future surveys conducted by your company.



The end goal of using all these methods and actions is to get a better understanding of your customer and to offer them a better service. All of your efforts should be to lead towards that.