About customer support outsourcing

Reputation, in the corporate world, is one of your company’s biggest assets. Because of this corporations are quite picky when it comes to handling customer support because that process ties in directly to one’s reputation and brand image. Also, having a great customer support will enable you to earn new customers without needing expensive marketing campaigns.


When discussing regarding customer experience, decision makers often ponder on the topic of why they should be outsourcing their customer support

Companies should outsource customer support process because:


  • Outsourcing organizations employ highly experienced and professional customer support agents.
  • You will be able to find customized support services for busy periods of the year like the holiday season
  • Outsourcing call centers have backup plans in place to handle emergency situations like weather based disasters
  • The Outsourcing companies are very effective because they can put all their resources and effort into their main business process which is giving customer support
  • Outsourced Call Centers can offer their services 24×7, 365 days a year
  • Outsourcing call centers have rigid quality standards in place to ensure that the level of their customer support is not reduced
  • Outsourcing is much cheaper compared to setting up an in-house customer support call center and running it all around the year.


Once the decision has been made, choosing the right outsourcing partner becomes very important.


A good outsourcing partner should have these characteristics:


  1. The outsourcing partner should be an experienced entity in the customer support industry
  2. The partner should be able to handle giving support through different channels
  3. They should have the required technology and proficiency to handle the support services.
  4. They should be thoroughly professional and should implement all the important measurable stats when it comes to call centers
  5. They should be able to give custom call center solutions depending on the client and their requirements
  6. Security at the call center must be paramount due to the handling of sensitive information
  7. Periodic performance reports should be provided by the call center partner
  8. The call center partner should be able to accommodate the client during their agents’ training period.


Customer support statistics

Here are some important statistics that are related to current customer support trends:

According to the Aspect Consumer Experience Survey, 76 percent of customers have said that they see customer service gives the real measure as to how much a specific brand or company gives them importance.

Customer experience will exceed product and price as the main brand differentiation by the year 2020, as per the firm Walker Info.

According to the firm Software Advice, 61 percent of consumers favor call back option instead of waiting on hold whenever they contact customer support department.

 Firms lose around 41 billion dollars every year due to bad customer support, as per the firm New Voice Media.


All of these metrics prove that customer support is an important aspect of business and brand image that every company should put a lot of thought into. So companies should not be reluctant to consider outsourcing this process so that they will be able to get their customers the best support at a much more cost-effective price.