Data Collection and Database Cleansing

Remove garbage and duplicate information

Make more intelligent business decisions using customer data that is free of duplicates and incorrect contact information.


The state of your databases is constantly changing. So, you will need to clean it and re-organise as often as you are able. Your contacts may be promoted inside their organisation or might have moved to another organisation, thus you need to keep track of and update your data frequently. Always remember, an out of date database means a waste of money during marketing campaigns and result in irritated sales and marketing teams.

You can avoid this and keep operating your everyday corporate processes efficiently and accurately by outsourcing your database cleansing services to Call Center Solutions. This will result in a lot of saved time, time which you can now use for your key company activities. Outsourcing your data cleansing to us will also be much more cost-effective in the long run.


Data Scrubbing is another term used for data cleansing, which is the process of cleansing, correcting and bringing up-to-date companies customer and business enterprise databases. This can be a crucial task, which you ought to give significance to, but are usually lacking due to time and monies. If your databases are not up-to-date and cleaned frequently, they may deem you miss the required targets and goals in your business.

The best example for this is E-mail Marketing campaigns. E-mail Marketing is such a lucrative and cost-effective marketing process that a lot of organisations find it a quite tempting method. You might only be paying a part of any amount of money to send advertising and marketing e-mail communications, but, you will waste a lot of time and effort if that information doesn’t reach your targeted audience.

The Benefits

Reduce your costs by only mailing people who want to hear from you

Avoid damaging your reputation and upsetting customers

No hassle, no need to install software, train your staff or maintain systems. We do the work for you

Ensure email addresses are complete, consistent and deliverable.

Enrich your database with accurate telephone numbers.

Data protection legislation requires that stored personal data must be “current and accurate” Regular data cleaning can help.