24 Hour Helpdesk Support

Help desk services to provide 24 hour cover for your clients


Working with businesses, corporations, and organisations with customers all over the world who will require 24/7 Hour Help desk  support to deal with inquiries.  We can help you with any contact made to your company, be it emails, out of hour calls. Bespoke solutions are provided to ensure a competitive professional service is provided. 

Some of the categories, industries, and organisations that we provide services to :

Industries and Sectors

  • Hoteliers
  • Utility companys
  • Housing Associations
  • Local authority citizens line
  • Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Emergency action teams
  • Production and textile 
  • NHS Helplines
  • Start Up Businesses
  • E Commerce businesses
  • property maintenance services
  • Dental/Health services
  • Veterinary services
  • Road and traffic control maintenance
  • Breakdown assistance
  • ISP’s and Telecomms B2B providers
  • Charities

24 hours a day

Your calls will be answered regardless of the time of day. We avoid using night workers through our global call centers range, resulting in fresh and alert professionals to answer customer queries.

7 days a week

With our weekend support teams at the ready we will make sure that your customer phone calls are answered Monday to Sunday, without you missing a single one.

Seasonal call handling solutions

Sometimes there are companies that only require 24/7 call handling during specific times of the year, or those who receive a seasonal demand upsurge due to various weather conditions. Especially businesses which provide services such as facilities management solutions. You can benefit greatly from our flexible and on-demand, out of hours services.

What are the benefits of outsourcing out of hours call handling?

24/7 available for your customers whenever they want to be in touch

Never miss an enquiry or an order – maximise your profitability

Excellent customer experience – happy customers

Flatten out day time call volumes – making things easier 9am-5pm

Increase the range of ways your customers can communicate with you – we are fully multi media

Increased competitive advantage – if you are open 24/7 there is no need for your customers to look elsewhere

Professional and reliable customer contact, every time