Telephone Answering Service

Answering services for your business


The easiest way for any business to stay in touch with customers is by having a live telephone answering service. We can provide this with our courteous and skilled staff who answer calls when your customers need help with a problem and this makes for a great customer experience; whether it is a long-term loyal customer or a first-time customer. Our professional customer satisfaction experience strengthens your company’s reputation and makes your customer’s brand loyalty increase. 



Firstly finding the right staff can be a timely and expensive process. We have vetted and trained our staff so they are ready to work for your businesses needs ASAP. The cover is 24/7/265 with the same level of energy and service at any time of the day.

You may be on a tight budget but by working together we can find a custom tailored solution that will help suit your budget and your needs.


How it works:- 

> Speak to us and we will take a full brief of what sort of service your business will need. Will you require meeting scheduling, Calander updates, qualifying leads, sales conversions, FAQ answering, virtual office manager, a gatekeeper to screen calls? 

We then analyse your brief and fully understand it so we are aware of all outcomes and how our team can combat them. We will then discuss a quote with you.

> Once we have both agreed to become partners it’s as easy as forwarding your existing phone number to us. You can provide us your or we can give you a FREE phone number that you can use to promote your business at no extra cost.


We will agree on Service Level agreements set by you and then the technical side of setting the phone number is authorised.  We then white label ourselves and answer all calls representing your company and representing your in the most courteous professional manner. The process is flawless and feedback is constantly relayed back to you, to ensure we are always making things efficient and cost-effective. 

Business call answering service features

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24/7 Live Reception

Whether you need this service around the clock or just for out of hours, our receptionists/support personnel will be there to answer any calls you get. This is not capped as we are experienced in handling large volumes. We will answer the phone in your business’ name and if you require, you can choose a customised professional greeting that we can use.

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Call transfer and routing

We are completely flexible; we will only do what you request from us. You have complete control over every part of this procedure. Depending on what you require, we will transfer your calls to an individual or a department dependant on your request. If neither one is available we will try to get in touch with another member of your staff or take a message so the caller is always happy.

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Dedicated agents

Use our call centre support team to support your business and make sure that your customer service is up to international standards. In this process you won’t have to be concerned about the quality, the training, planning or reimbursements of the call center staff; We take care of all of these things, while you provide your customers with a customer care experience of the highest quality.

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Lead capture

Whatever information you require from your callers and website visitors, we will collect it and pass it to you. Leads or new contacts lead to more business opportunities. You will never lose a business opportunity by using our phone answering service.

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Lead qualification

Every customer is different, and not all leads have the same significance. Some may be important, while others won’t be as much. It can consume a lot of time to sort one from the other, but by asking the right questions and qualifying at the outstart our phone answering service solves this issue easily. This will lead to you obtaining the best leads and therefore the best results.

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Inbound sales

Every time a person contacts you regarding a product or a service, it is a business opportunity, and having a good phone answering service, can do a lot more than just take a message. The advantage of having a live answering service means that there will always be an customer care expert on the other side of the phone line with the ability to close that sale or deal. It won’t matter if none of your direct employees are available, we got your back.